Honsel Loft 44441 Floor Lamp

Honsel Loft Review

A Review of the Honsel Leuchten Loft Collection

For the sake of clarity, this is a review of the Honsel Loft collection of lamps with the cappuccino fabric shade, purchased from Amazon with hard-earned cash.

Honsel Leuchten Loft Collection

This German-made Honsel Leuchten Loft collection consists of:-

The Honsel Loft collection can also be purchased with a white shade:-

Honsel Loft Cappucino Shade

The colour of the cappuccino fabric shade is consistent across all the Honsel Loft range. A point you may need to be assured of if you intend to purchase more than one lamp from this collection.

The cappuccino fabric shade is a composite of a rich brown woven textile on a white plastic light defuser. It looks good whether illuminated or not and will compliment any neutral colours in your room.

The two ends of the shade material are stitched together to form the shade’s circumference, resulting in a visible vertical seam on one side of the shade. The join is quite obvious when the lamp is lit and this might be a factor for consideration. However most lamps, such as the Table and Floor Lamps, are likely to be situated near a wall with the seam orientated out of sight. Potentially then, the seam might only be a problem in you intend to view this lamp from 360°. I own the semi-flush ceiling lamp which can be viewed from any angle and the seam does not bother me. In my opinion, it adds to the appeal of the shade.

Honsel Leuchten Loft 20462 semi-flush Ceiling Lamp

Honsel Leuchten Loft semi-flush Ceiling Lamp

The shade defuses and absorbs light to a pleasant level (at a guess I’d say approximately 20% of the bulb output) yet allowing full light to be thrown both up and down from the lamp shades. The light cast in the locale is pleasing, emphasising the nickel finish of the base and stand of the lamps. The strength of down-light is more than ample for nearby reading or writing tasks. The whole effect is comforting in the evening.

Honsel Loft 44441 Floor Lamp

Honsel Loft Floor Lamp | Philips Hue Bulb Producing Daylight 100%

Each lamp from the Honsel Loft collection is a well made, quality product and looks more expensive that it is to buy.

What to expect when you order from Amazon

Typically, Honsel Loft lamps are shipped from Germany, so even if you’re an Amazon Prime member, don’t expect next day delivery. However, as a Prime member, delivery will be expedited and the item will be rushed to you as fast as practically possible. All my items, which I ordered separately, arrived within a couple of days.

Detailed below is my experience of receiving both the Honsel Loft Table Lamp and Honsel Loft Floor Lamp.

Receipt of the Honsel Loft Table and Floor Lamps

These Honsel Lamps arrive extremely well packaged and require minimal assembly. The electric cable is already threaded through the base to the lamp holder. All that is required is to screw the stand into the weighted base, unwrap the well-protected fabric shade and fasten it to the lamp. Then screw in a bulb of your choice into the E27 cap. I opted for a Philips hue ambient and colour bulb in mine and they look gorgeous when illuminated in any colour and at any brightness!

Honsel Loft 44441 Floor Lamp

Honsel Loft Floor Lamp | Philips Hue Bulb Producing Blue 100%

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience Personal Wireless Lighting 2 x 9.5 W E27 Edison Screw LED Twin Pack Light Bulbs

Lamp assembly is easy and just takes a few moments, although you may find that unwrapping the well-protected shade itself will take the longest time. The support for the floor lamp is made of two sections, which screw together seamlessly in a matter of seconds. This enables the tall floor lamp to arrive in a relatively small package.

I really like the choice of the semi-transparent electric cable and the integrated rocker on/off switch. The transparency allows both the cable and switch to blend in with its surroundings somewhat and are difficult to see from a distance if they happen to be on show. A neat feature in my opinion, and much better than having a high contrast black or white cable attached to the lamp. The rocker switch makes lamp operation simple and easy.

Honsel Table Lamp

Honsel Loft Table Lamp | Transparent Power Cable and Rocker Switch

The cable is two core and terminates with a European 2-pin plug. If you don’t have any spare, you may need to factor in ordering some EU adapter plugs at the same time. Amazon class these as add-on items. They’re not expensive, but ordering them separately will incur delivery charges. Check prices.

UK Travel Converter Plug – Euro 2 Pin to UK 3 Pin Adapter

It is also worth noting at this point that this lamp is not earthed but is perfectly safe to use. Due to the lamp’s design and the careful consideration of materials used in its construction, the exposed parts of the lamp are either non conductive or insulated. For example, the base and stand are made from a tough plastic and coated with the ‘nickel’ silver finish in order for the lamp to appear to be metallic.

The lamp bases are weighted sufficiently to prevent the product from being knocked over from general bumps.

Honsel Leuchten Loft 20462 semi-flush Ceiling Lamp

The Honsel Leuchten Loft semi-flush ceiling lamp is a beautiful modern shade that is easy to install. A quality, white-enameled lamp screws into the ceiling, to which the lamp shade is attached. The shade is completed with a white diffuser, resulting is a very pleasing finish indeed.

Instructions on how to insert the diffuser into the shade are provided. This is a tricky operation that can be accomplished easier with help from another person.

The lamp has two E27 caps and again, looks great when fitted with the Philips Hue colour and ambient bulbs.

Philips Hue White Ambience Twin pack A19 E27 60W Equivalent Dimmable LED Smart Bulbs

Advertised as semi-flush, the lamp shade of the Honsel Leuchten Loft 20462 sits approximately 25mm (1″) away from the ceiling. This creates a beautiful aurora between shade and ceiling when the lamp is illuminated. The lamp holder cannot be seen from ground level.

Honsel Leuchten Loft 20462 semi-flush Ceiling Lamp Producing Warm White 30%

Honsel Leuchten Loft 20462 semi-flush Ceiling Lamp Producing Warm White 30%


  • Affordable, quality made lamps and shades that look more expensive than they actually are to buy.
  • The cappucino lamp shade will compliment any neutral colours in your home and introduces a modern look.
  • The shade is a composite of a rich woven fabric and a white plastic diffuser. The shade colour is consistent across the range.
  • The shade has a visible seam which may be a factor for consideration if viewing from all around.
  • Transparent power cable and rocker switch for the Table and Floor Lamps  allows the lead to blend into its surroundings.
  • All lamps are mounted with E27 screw caps. Philips Hue bulbs fit.
  • Honsel Table and Floor Lamps are easy to assemble. The semi-flush ceiling light is easy to fit too. Adding the diffuser to the shade is the most trickiest part of assembly. Enlist help.
  • Expedited deliver via Amazon. Well packaged goods.
  • Table and floor lamps are supplied with a European 2-pin plug. Remember to factor in EU adapter plugs if you live in the UK.


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