Backup Minecraft Worlds from an iPad or iPhone with a PC

How to backup Minecraft Worlds created on an Apple iOS device, to a PC and then restore them.

This article describes how to make a copy of your Minecraft Worlds created on Apple iOS mobile devices such as the ipad or iPhone, to a PC without using iTunes.

This is particularly useful if the Minecraft app becomes corrupt and you need to re-install it from the App Store. Before an app can be reinstalled on an iOS product, it has to be deleted first. The deletion process removes all associated data with that app, in this case your Minecraft Worlds. And, you don’t want to lose them, do you?

Attempting to make backups with iTunes is well documented on the internet but  can lead to frustrating errors such as:

"games" could not be copied because an error occurred. A duplicate file name was specified.

The following method works flawlessly and will prevent loss of your Minecraft Worlds if you ever find it necessary to re-install Minecraft on your iPad or iPhone.  There’s also no need to install iTunes on your PC.

What You Will Need

  • A PC running Windows. This computer will require a USB port.
  • The USB to iOS mobile device charging lead.
  • Syncios installed on your computer.

Syncios is a free, powerful and comprehensive tool to manage and transfer  files between an iOS device and a PC/MAC.

Steps to Backup and Restore Your Minecraft Worlds with a PC in the Event of Minecraft Re-Installation on an iOS Device

  1. Download and install the free version of Syncios to your computer.
  2. Launch Syncios on your computer.
  3. Connect your mobile iOS device to your computer with the charging lead and the computer’s USB port.
  4. If this is the first time you have connected your device to your computer, your mobile iOS device will ask to trust the connection. Trust the computer.
  5. Syncios will take a few moments to detect your iOS mobile device. And, when it does, it will display an overview of the detected device.
  6. Dismiss the warning: Turn off iTunes and do not operate your mobile device directly when running Syncios.
  7. Select Apps from the left-side menu.
Syncios | My Devices
  1. Scroll through your installed apps until you find Minecraft.
  2. Under the

    Actions column, click the ‘eye’ on the right-hand side of the trash can to open Minecraft’s app documents.

Syncios | Open the Minecraft App Documents Folder

  1. Double-click the games folder.
Syncios | Double-click the games Folder
  1. Double-click the com.majong folder.
Syncios | Double-click com.mojang folder
  1. Inside this folder is a folder called minecraftWorlds, which contains your saved game data. The contents of this folder can be copied to your computer in two ways: Either tick the box next to the folder name and then click Export OR drag and drop the folder from Syncios to an open folder on your desktop.
Syncios | Export minecraftWorlds to PC
  1. Check the content of your copied folder by exploring within on your PC. The Minecraft Worlds are each saved in separate folders named with unique random characters and ending with =
Minecraft Worlds contained in a Separate Folder
  1. Disconnect your iOS mobile device from the computer.
  2. Delete the Minecraft app from your mobile iOS device then re-install it from the Apple App Store (you won’t have to pay again).
  3. Launch Minecraft on your mobile iOS device and create a new world. Then, exit the Minecraft app.
  4. Re-connect your mobile iOS device to your computer and wait for Syncios to detect your device.
  5. in Syncios, navigate to AppsMinecraftDocuments/com.mojang/games/minecraftWorlds in the same manner as steps 7 to 11.
  6. On your computer, enter the minecraftWorlds folder and select all folders by clicking the first folder, holding down the shift key and selecting the last folder.
PC | Select All Your Minecraft World Folders
  1. Drag and drop all your selected folders to the Syncios folder panel to copy your Minecraft Worlds back to your iOS mobile device.
Syncios | Minecraft Folders Copied Back to iOS Mobile Device
  1. Close Syncios and disconnect your iOS mobile device from your computer.
  2. Launch Minecraft and enjoy!

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