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Delete Hotmail Account Without Mobile Number

Years ago, many of us created hotmail accounts simply to use MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger)  – and send and receive a few emails of course. Following the discontinuation of the messenger client in 2006, my hotmail account became dormant as I had moved over to other providers for my instant messaging and email needs. Just recently though, I needed to brush the cobwebs off my ageing hotmail account and log in to check an old email.

I was appalled at the fact that I could not just log in and get on with my work as Microsoft tried to embark upon a data collection exercise. It was at this point that I decided I was going to delete my hotmail account for good without providing my personal telephone number and email address.

Even if you are logging into one of your old hotmail accounts to delete it, Microsoft insist on taking your mobile phone number and another one of your email addresses before you reach the option to close the account. This stage cannot be bypassed.

Here’s how to work around the forced two-step authentication process and delete your hotmail account without providing your personal mobile telephone number and another one of your email addresses to Microsoft.

It can be done by using a disposable mobile telephone number and a disposable email address.

WARNING: Only follow this procedure if you want to delete your hotmail account. It is not advised to use a temporary disposable phone number and email address on an account you wish to keep.

How to delete a hotmail account without providing your personal details:

1 .Log in to your hotmail account with your username and password.

If you have never associated a telephone number with your hotmail account, you will see this prompt:

Help us protect your account.

Hotmail | Help Us Protect Your Account

Hotmail | Help Us Protect Your Account

This step cannot be bypassed, even though you just want to delete your account.

2. Obtain a disposable mobile number for free.

Visit SMSReceiveFree and choose a telephone number from the list.

Disposable Mobile Phone Numbers |

Disposable Mobile Phone Numbers |

In the Microsoft form:-

Enter that number, taking account of the country code.

Choose whether you would like to receive a mobile phone number verification code via text SMS message or voicemail (Call).

Click Next.

3. Enter the Microsoft verification code.

On the SMSReceiveFree website, click the mobile number that your entered in step 2.

Wait for your SMS text message or voicemail to arrive.

Received SMS Text Messages and Voicemail |

Received SMS Text Messages and Voicemail |

When your code arrives, complete the Microsoft telephone verification process.

Hotmail | Enter Verification code

Hotmail | Enter Verification code

4. Obtain a disposable email address for free.

Similarly, Microsoft will then ask you to provide a second email address for the hotmail account you are about to delete.

Google disposable email to find a temporary disposable email provider.



Enter the random email address in the Microsoft form.

Wait for an email confirmation and respond to it to complete the email verification process.

5. Hotmail protect your account.

Once Microsoft have a mobile telephone number and a second email address associated with your hotmail account, you will be asked to Protect your account before you are allowed access to the sensitive information like emails and settings.

Microsoft Hotmail/Live | Protect Your Account

Microsoft Hotmail/Live | Protect Your Account

Complete the form by using the telephone number you used in steps 1 and 2.

6. Delete your hotmail account.

At this stage, you should now have full access to your hotmail account.

Before deleting your account, take steps to delete all your emails and remove them from Trash. Delete your profile information and profile picture.

Delete your hotmail account.